BKF Money changers

multifunctional device supporting payments on a car wash Make pay for washing easier for your clients

BKF money changer is one of the most important additional equipment for the car wash, which significantly increases profits. The BKF offer includes two versions: Standard and Pro.

The main role of the changer is to exchange banknotes for coins and tokens (as standard). Depending on the version of the changer, its equipment may vary. It is possible to use in the form of a BKF Central Pay payment bar. There is also the possibility of recharging and selling loyalty cards and payments using payment cards.


Readable display

4-section display (Standard version) or LCD display (Pro version).


Piezoelectric buttons

Durable piezoelectric buttons.


Banknote reader

Programmable banknote reader.


Stainless steel housing


2 hoppers

BKF money changers The most important features

ico-red-rozmieniarka Money changing

No loose coins aint a problem

The money changer saves customers who do not haveloose coins in their wallets. Thanks to programmable readers and hoppers, we can adjust the handling of banknotes and coins in accordance with the needs of each client and the specificity of foreign markets. It is also possible to install an additional coin acceptor, allowing the exchange of coins for coins used on a car wash.

ico-red-kompatybilnosc BKF Central Pay

Central payment terminal

Thanks to the proprietary software, Money changer Pro can serve as a central place for cleaning fees on the whole car wash, without the need to invest in additional payment devices at each washing bay.

ico-red-yeti Intelligent coin refilling

Limit your visits on the car wash

Application of the Yeti system allows you to fill up the coin containers with money collected from the control panels on the container car wash. This will reduce the number of visits to the car wash, and connecting the changer to Carwash Manager will give you an insight into the state of coins in containers.

Yeti system
ico-red-paypass Support for loyalty cards

Handle the loyalty program conveniently

Installing the dispenser and loyalty card charger enables your customers to participate in the loyalty program without the car wash service. The purchase of the card and its recharging will be possible directly in the changer.


carwash manager Keep your finger on the pulse

Connect your carwash to the Carwash Manager system and gain remote insight into the data of your money changer. Check the condition of the device and the level of coin containers, analyze the turnover in any period.

Download Carwash Manager application

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Expansion possibility Adjust the money changer to your needs

  • Support for PayPass bank cards (PRO version only)
  • Loyalty cards sales
  • Charging up loyalty cards
  • Design personalization
  • Changing banknotes into previously accepted banknotes (PRO version only)
  • Use as a BKF Central Pay terminal (PRO version only)
  • Printing confirmations
  • Coin refill (with YETI system)