In 2006, the company was transformed into an independent company BKF CarWash, oriented to the production and distribution of touchless car washes on Polish territory and beyond the borders. In 2008 the company recorded a very sharp increase in its sales which had doubled.

At the beginning of 2009 the company opened a new design department, basing it mainly on the most talented Szczecin University of Technology graduates.

Appliances with a number of innovations were introduced to the market. These included the original internet supervision system, the chemical agents dispensing system, the 5+ washing system and the water purification system. Thanks to these innovative solutions and a good price to quality relation we have become a leader in the carwash industry.


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Production has started in 2004. Through these seven years the company has much changed. The present car wash production evoluated to effcient and professionally managed factory. Thanks to modern tools and machines we are self-sufficient and opened for new technological solutions. We hereby invite all of You who are interested in our production and cooperation with us.
Any questions will be answered using mail:, and by telephone +48 607 730 780.


BKF CarWash have specialized in vehicles cleaning systems since 1990, putting a particular emphasis on self-serve washing – the varnish protection technology. Many years of experience enabled the company to create the most advanced self-serve washing appliances which meet the requirements of the world automotive market. Our car washes have the highest quality, reliability and low breakdown rates. A few years’ work on the implementation of the technology has gained recognition both of the rapidly increasing group of CarWash users as well as specialists, which has been expressed in the following awards: Product of the Year 2004 and Product of the Year 2006, awarded during the prestigious “Stacja Paliw” fairs.

We offer you a full service package through:

  • consulting on the selection of car washes and additional appliances,

  • calculation, analysis of profitability and financing,

  • assistance in choosing the location,

  • creation of a design of a car wash or a washing complex on the selected location,

  • delivery of all the data necessary to obtain the building conditions specifications,

  • full documentation, designs and statements necessary to obtain the building permit,

  • implementation of the investment project – installation of the car wash,

  • permanent, complex maintenance,

  • warranty and after-warranty service,

  • development and expansion.