Additional systems

ADDITIONAL CAR WASH OPTIONS You decide what interests you

A wide array of solutions used in our car washes, as well as additional options, enable you to design a car wash matching the needs of the surroundings in which it will be built. You have at your disposal a set of solutions which guarantee higher income, give your car wash a very high level of protection and increase your comfort because you can manage technical parameters remotely.

COST OPTIMIZATION Systems which lower business operating costs

It is worth ensuring that you get a return on investing in your car wash as quickly as possible. BKF customers can choose from a wide variety of unique solutions which lower the costs of maintaining the car wash after its launch. These solutions prevent downtime caused by unforeseen situations, e.g. unexpected weather conditions.

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    Condensing boiler

    When you install a condensing boiler, you minimize the use of energy and gas in your car wash, reducing the expenses for this purpose by up to 15%.

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    Smart heating

    The temperature of underfloor heating in winter will be adjusted automatically (without the participation of the car wash owner) and will allow you to save up to 30% of fuel used to heat the floor.

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    Extra Lifetime Kit

    You can set the desired pressure for each program individually and on your own. The whole hydraulic system of your car wash will benefit from it. The advantage for you is lowering maintenance costs, as well as saving water and electricity.


Additional washing programs

Expand your car wash with additional washing programs to deliver your customers the highest quality car care program.

additional washing programs

A full range of payments

Our products are adjusted to market needs, so you can offer your Customers a full range of modern payments. If you install PayPass readers for cards, you’ll give your Customers exactly what they need. And if you also decide to start BE LOYAL programme in your car wash, you’ll reach a new group of customers.

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    Payment card readers

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    Mobile payment (virtual wallet)

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    Banknote readers

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    Loyalty system BE LOYAL

Subassembly protection


Pressure Safety Check

A system which detects malfunctions of high pressure pumps and activates emergency procedures.

Hot Water Check

A system which controls the water level in the water and powder container. It protects high pressure pumps against the so-called dry run and automatically refills water. Integration with BKF software makes it possible to trigger an alarm when there is no water and to automatically turn the device off.

Heater Diagnostics

An advanced system for heater diagnostics. When the system is connected to BKF software, it triggers an alarm if there is a heater malfunction.

Smart Program Switch

A system which automatically switches washing programmes if there is a problem with hot water or if there is no water in the water and powder container. It protects pumps against the so-called dry run and ensures that the washing station is working continuously. It requires the implementation of Heater Diagnostic and Hot Water Check systems.

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