Automatic touchless car washes

Automatic touchless car wash

A perfect combination of the best features of self-service touchless car washes and rollover (brush) car washes. A perfect solution for customers who value the quality of touchless washing and the convenience of automatic operation.

  • ico-gray-portalModern product

    It employs innovative washing techniques.

  • ico-gray-zabezpieczenieLonger product life

    We use inverter-controlled drives.

  • ico-gray-elastycznoscFlexible settings

    Customers can configure washing programmes and prices on their own.

  • ico-gray-ochronaStainless steel construction

    Our product is additionally protected against corrosion thanks to galvanizing.

  • ico-gray-personalizacjaPersonalized design

    You can choose any colours and stickers you like.

  • ico-gray-handshakeEasy maintenance

    You gain comfortable managment and easy service.

Advantages of the BKF automatic touchless car wash

ico-red-zabezpieczenia Durable stainless steel construction

Durable stainless steel construction

The structure of the car wash made of 100% stainless steel ensures exceptional durability and resistance to rust, which, combined with easy replacement of consumable elements, will allow the car wash to operate without failure for many years.

ico-red-ochrona Extended service life

Extended service life

Each drive of the BKF automatich touchless car wash is controlled by a separate inverter. This guarantees smooth operation of the car wash, much more precise adaptation to the shape of the vehicle being washed, and most importantly – prevents excessive wear of the drive elements.

ico-red-carwash-manager Remote car wash and business management

Remote car wash and business management

Carwash Manager application  and the VNC technology give you access to extensive analytics, financial reports, an alarm system, changes to device parameters and much more. You have control over your car wash and your entire business at any time of the day and year, from anywhere in the world.

ico-red-personalizacja Attractive, modern look

Attractive, modern look

The elegance of stainless steel combined with the subtlety of plexiglass panels emphasize the professionalism of the solutions. Optional color UV printing and additional LED lighting of the ramps (guides), car wash and room walls, controlled by the car wash controller, allow you to prepare an unforgettable show for your customers.

The highest quality of washing

The BKF touchless portal car wash offers exceptional vehicle washing efficiency thanks to advanced technology, while minimizing the risk of scratches. The innovative washing system enables effective, comprehensive car care, guaranteeing efficiency and excellent condition of the car. Watch a video presenting the advantages of our solution.

Car wash on measure Configure and evaluate your car wash

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Carwash Manager Convenient and safe - BKF car wash management

Managing a car wash and reacting to all sorts of random events has never been so easy. Using your phone or computer, you can obtain necessary information about your car wash from any place and at any time. You’ll get to know how much money your car wash earned, find out whether individual components work fine and check chemical products consumption. It’s quick and easy and you can check it whenever you need to.

  • Data on the turnover of the whole car wash or individual bays.
  • Control over working time and the popularity of individual programmes.
  • Technical diagnostics.
  • Managing loyalty cards.
  • Undesired situations which occurred in the car wash.
  • Consumption and level of chemical products.
More about Carwash Manager

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Automatic touchless car wash - dimensions

device model machine height machine width passage height passage width washing height washing width
BKF 2500 3,20 m 3,70 m 2,40 m 2,20 m 2,30 m 2,20 m

configure your car wash

Technical specification

Recommended hall dimensions Length min. 10,50 m. Width min. 5,00 m. Height min. 4,00 m.
Track lenght 10m (optionally 12m).

Utility requirements/td>

Electricity max. 25 kW. Water 1” DN25, max. 2,5 m3/h, pressure 4-6 bar.
Drying 4 turbines, each with the power of 4 kW. Two turbines in the roof beam (a highly specialized method of controlling the nozzles) and one turbine on each side.
Wheel washing Up to size 21”.