BKF Mono car wash

compact indoor car wash BKF Mono

BKF Mono car wash is a small, compact and extremely easy to use single-bay indoor device, used to prepare new cars for the customer, wash vehicles after repairs, and current cleaning. The washing process is carried out using high pressure water, temperature, powder, polymer, rinse aid and dryer.

  • Compact dimension
  • Highest quality components
  • Dedicated washing programs
  • Expandability

Improve your business

Do you own a car showroom? Do you rent cars? Are you a used car dealer? Or maybe you run a garage, a car service station or a motor vehicle diagnostic station? If so, BKF Mono is a perfect solution for your business. This compact and easy to use machine will enable you to take care of the cars which are in your charge. BKF Mono is a non-profit machine, it’s aim is to support your business. Thanks to BKF Mono, the cars which you offer for sale and those which underwent expensive repairs will look perfect. Clean cars showcase the professionalism of your business.

components of highest quality BKF Mono - features


A pump with protection against dry run.


Precise pumps which dose washing agents.


Stainless steel casing which guarantees longevity and has an attractive design.


Piezoelectric buttons resistant to damage.


A comfortable and practical container for the lance and brush.


An efficient water filter which removes mechanical impurities.


4-segments display with a troubleshooting option.

Dedicated washing programs BKF Mono care program

Our many years of experience in the non-contact washing industry allowed us to create cleaning programs dedicated specifically for BKF Mono.

1 High pressure washing

High pressure washing

Pressure washing using shampoo, which helps dissolve impurities.

2 Brush washing (optional)

Brush washing (optional)

Washing with a brush with active shampoo that will remove even the largest dirt.

3 Pre-rinsing


Accurate rinsing of residual impurities and chemicals with cold water.

4 Polymer maintenance

Polymer maintenance

Water with polymer, will protect your varnish and allow you to enjoy purity for longer.

5 Final rinsing

Final rinsing

Cold, softened water, thanks to which no streaks will remain on the washing car.