Make your car wash more attractive

Over 80% customers only visit a car wash when they have loose change in their pocket.

The majority of drivers claim that they use car washes more often when they can make cashless payments. The most convenient payment method is paying by credit card and via a smartphone app.

The biggest undecided group of customers are companies with car fleets. They are interested mainly in getting their invoices as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Take it into account and start BE LOYAL system in your car wash.

What is BE LOYAL?

BE LOYAL is a settlement platform designed for the owners of BKF car washes. It can be accessed via a dedicated smartphone app or website. The application provides mobile payment solutions for BKF car washes.

DISCOVER THE BENEFITS Why is it worth introducing BE LOYAL payments?

BE LOYAL FEATURES What will your customers find in the app?

  • ico-red-carshineList of available car washes

    Each app user will see your car wash on the map, so you’ll reach more customers.

  • ico-red-fakturyList of invoices

    Each app user will have access to their invoices that are automatically generated by the system.

  • szybkie-platnosciConvenient payment methods

    Let your customers to freely choose their favourite payment method: payment card or Apple Pay.

  • ico-red-platnosci-automatAutomatic payments

    The app user needs to enter their favourite payment method only once. Your customers will definitely be pleased with this feature.


Learn more about BE LOYAL in your country

If you’re interested in using our BE LOYAL system on your car washes just let us know.

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