Car wash construction

investment process Construction of the car wash step by step

1 Finding the best location

Finding the best location

Attractive location

The plot for the construction of self-service car wash must meet two basic criteria: an attractive location and sufficient space to build the facility.  To be considered as an attractive plot of land for construction of non-contact car wash should meet as many of the following criteria:

  • location near the large gatherings of people such as the town center, residential houses, blocks, towns over 5,000 inhabitants,
  • location along major streets and roads, at junctions, roundabouts, at enhancing the attractiveness of objects, such as petrol stations, gas stations, shopping malls, supermarkets, shops, diagnostic stations, etc.
  • good visibility of the object,
  • easy access, the possibility of turning to the right and left,
  • suitable land area, so that you can set the car wash with the possibility of passage, which increases comfort

Enough space

The following table summarizes the minimum area for the construction of self-service car wash, depending on the number of stands and number of vacuum cleaners.

Car wash type Lot size for car wash Lot size with access
2-bay module car wash 60 m2 470 m2
3-bay module car wash 90 m2 560 m2
4-bay module car wash 120 m2 650 m2
4-bay container car wash 135 m2 695 m2
5-bay module car wash 150 m2 740 m2
5-bay container car wash 165 m2 785 m2
6-bay module car wash 180 m2 830 m2
6-bay container car wash 195 m2 875 m2

Additionally, there is the possibility of placing a vacuum cleaner. We assume that a area needed for cleaning the interior of the car is 20 m2. So for every such positions you need 20m2, plus accesses.


Touchless car wash type of investment can be realized on the basis of land purchased or leased. However, when signing the contract is worth remembering that to assembly a car wash must agree to the respective governing body or urban planning mayor. So let’s conclude with the owner of the land conditional agreement to purchase or lease, entering into force only after obtaining zoning, or after checking whether there is a master plan for the site allows you to build this type of investment.

The term of the lease

Conclude a lease contract is worth in the longest period, so that we can safely operate and benefit from the growing popularity of the object. This type of contract is usually concluded for a period of 5 to 20 years.

2 Car wash customizing

Car wash customizing

The process of customizing the car wash to your needs starts with selecting the number of positions, depending on the size of your plot, usually it is from 2 to 6 positions. Together with the adviser, think about what type of car wash will meet your expectations. Then choose the necessary accessories from the BKF offer – for example, a changer, a cashless payment system and additional systems optimizing the car wash. Consider also joining an outdoor bay that allows washing of higher vans, buses and trucks.

Do not forget to adjust the appearance of the car wash. You can do it by choosing the type of construction, its colors, logos, banner graphics.

3 Signing the contract

Signing the contract

At this stage, it is time to sign a contract with the producer. You can sign a contract for the car wash or a contract for a car wash project that is not binding.

Remember to choose a proven manufacturer! The BKF company has been successfully operating for over 20 years. We have manufactured car washes for more than 20 countries in Europe and Asia. A total of more than 1600 car washes, and with each month more. If you want to join the ranks of our satisfied customers, please contact the BKF sales department.

4 Preparation of the technical documentation

Preparation of the technical documentation

Who takes care of the formalities?

There are two possibilities for future settlement of formalities. You can hire an architect, who will arrange all things, or you can independently conduct the formalities, and the only architect to have the execution of adaptation. In this guide we will continue to inform that you can do yourself, and which with the help of an architect. Once the decision to sign a contract with the architect, setting out the timetable, so as to guard against excessive prolongation of the investment.

Constrution permit

If you have been given all the building or development plan envisages an investment of this type, architect can proceed to prepare the documentation for building permits. As part of the documentation you need to perform projects of water connections, electricity, gas or oil. In addition, you need to make land-use plan. Depending on the requirements of the municipality may be necessary to comply with environmental impact report. They must also be signed terms of delivery of the media with the appropriate suppliers. After the submission of an application for a building permit, the office has one month to examine it. If you need to complete the application, this time can be extended to two months. After examining the request, it must implement, it takes two weeks. After this period, we can proceed to build a car wash.

5 Financing the investment

Financing the investment

The most comfortable situation is when you have your own funds that you can use to finance your investment in a car wash. There are other options, such as crediting investments or leasing.

6 Construction of car wash

Construction of car wash

Construction work in preparing the site for hands-free car wash last about 1-2 months. The scope of this work comes Making a CD of concrete, pulling power, gas, water. When the floor is ready, followed by installation of sheds and equipment, which lasts, depending on the type and quantity of washing stations for two days to one week.

7 Car wash receiving

Car wash receiving

After completion of the investment must be reported to the reception. A building permit shall specify which institutions must be notified of acceptance. Only after completion of all formalities and obtaining the load, we can start a car wash and start making money.

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