Washing programs

Washing programs - standard

Pre washing

dirt softening

Applying a chemical agent using softened water, preparation for contactless washing (softening of strong impurities).

Pressure washing

Main washing, contactless

Warm, softened filtered water with the addition of a chemically neutral powder for the varnish allows removing stubborn dirt (including insects).



Removal of impurities and chemicals after contactless washing. Dirt is rinsed with cold water.

Polymer maintenance

car varnish protection

Systematic polymer maintenance protects the vehicle bodywork against dirt and harmful weather conditions (water, sun) and prevents the settlement of dust and sand.

Polishing and drying

gloss without stains

The use of softened and demineralised water with rinse aid in this program guarantees the car body a high gloss without stains and stains.

Washing programs - additional

Brush washing

thorough cleaning

For the most onerous dirt on the bodywork. In this program we use brush with cold water and shampoo.

Active foam

softening stubborn dirt

Cold water under high pressure with active foam allows to soften persistent dirt. Foam is applied using a special lance.

Wheels spraying

Provides cleaning of hubcaps and rims and removal of deposits from brake pads. It is also possible alternatively to use a remedy for removing dried insects.

BKF Care program

See the video how to wash the car using BKF self-service car wash.