Washer fluid distributor

Self-filling station for windscreen washer fluid

Washer fluid distributor is an additional device, supplementing the offer of such businesses as: car washes, gas stations or vulcanization stations.

Benefits of having a distributor at a car wash

  • Clear information for the customer

    LCD display indicates the type of fluid (winter or summer), the price per liter and the current amount of fluid to be used.

  • Resistant to weather conditions

    Stainless steel casing guarantees high resistance to changing weather conditions and attractive appearance of the device.

  • Extended pump life

    A dedicated installation extends the life of the pump, eliminating factors that could cause uncontrolled pressure build-up.

  • Many possibilities of payment

    The device supports coins, tokens and in additional option banknotes, loyalty cards, payment cards, mobile application BE LOYAL.

  • Convenient online management with Carwash Manager

    Connecting device to BKF car wash, you will get detailed financial data and full diagnostics of the device. This way you will get important information (e.g. notification when to refill the fluid).

  • Digital fluid measurement

    The flow meter measures the fluid precisely, showing the current amount to be used on the display.


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