Washing technics

Washing technics

We also offer the washing technics of a car wash itself. It gives you the possibility of replacing an old mechanism, manufactured by any company, with innovative BKF solutions. Thanks to this option, your car wash will always be up-to-date and you won’t get outcompeted. Changing the mechanism enables you to make a technological leap. The possibility of adding new devices to a car wash increases its safety and attractiveness, which in turn affects profitability. Professional BKF technologists can come up with a solution that’s flexible and matches your needs.

powerful performance Container car wash technics

BKF washing technics on the stainless steel frame combine the highest quality components and modern solutions. Our innovative container technology can be installed not only in a BKF container, but also in other adapted buildings. Our service technicians can also adjust washing equipment to fit any room available in the investor’s car wash. It’s a great solution for owners of already existing business because it enables them to lower investment costs.


Control cabinet

Industrial computer with LCD display and proprietary software.

Liquid chemistry dosing system

Precise electronic pumps for each washing program.

Powder dispenser

Stainless steel screw dispenser, reservoir with water level sensors with powder.

Water treatment system

Reverse osmosis module, two-column water softener and capacitive water osmosis tank (750/2000 l)..

High-pressure system

BKF CAT 340D pumps, two-speed motors.

Supporting structure

Durable stainless steel frame.

big possibilities in a compact housing Module car wash technics

Do you have old washing modules which are not among the top technologies? Would you like to modernize them? We can replace the mechanism of your old module with a technologically advanced BKF module. It enables you to install many additional options, e.g. a paypass reader, a loyalty card system or smartphone payments and even to establish an online connection with the car wash control panel.


Compact housing

Supporting structure and housing made of stainless steel, door with personalized graphics, built-in handy holder for the gun with lance.

Control panel

Built-in control panel with program buttons, coin meter and coin acceptor. Optional payment card reader, loyalty card reader and banknote reader.

Washing technics

Complete washing technique (2-4 washing bays), 4 washing programs (standard).