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BKF Rollover car wash

BKF offers not only state-of-the-art touchless car washes, but also highest quality gantry car washes. Our innovative rollover car wash is perfect for expanding the offer of an already existing business. Thanks to the gantry, you’ll attract customers who aren’t keen on self-service. What’s more, customers often opt for the touchless option when they want to wash their car quickly, but every once in a while use rollover car washes to clean their vehicles thoroughly. That’s why these two types of car washes go together well.

  • ico-gray-portalModern product

    It employs innovative washing techniques.

  • ico-gray-zabezpieczenieLonger product life

    We use inverter-controlled drives.

  • ico-gray-elastycznoscFlexible settings

    Customers can configure washing programmes and prices on their own.

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  • ico-gray-ochronaStainless steel construction

    Our product is additionally protected against corrosion thanks to galvanizing.

  • ico-gray-personalizacjaPersonalized design

    You can choose any colours and stickers you like.

  • ico-gray-handshakeEasy maintenance

    You gain comfortable managment and easy service.

By choosing BKF rollover car wash, you gain

BKF rollover car wash will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers and will increase the income of its owner. Our car wash was designed with innovative washing techniques in mind. It’s a technologically advanced solution with online access to the control panel. All parameters can be checked in an app. What’s more, the construction of a gantry car wash is additionally protected against corrosion by zinc coating.

Washing brushes

Three brushes for contact washing which operate independently and come with an innovative regulation method, so it’s possible to optimize the position of brushes in relation to the car’s body and ensure that the contact pressure is the same around the whole car.

Components protection

All drives are inverter-controlled, which guarantees longer life of subassemblies thanks to gentle start-up. Inverters save electricity and open up new opportunities for checking on the machine, so faults are detected earlier.

Effective drying

Extendable, double spray nozzles which distribute descaled water with a drying aid ensure the best drying results without white stains or streaks.

Precise chemical dosing

Chemical agents are sprayed by 6 dosing pumps, which makes it possible to precisely measure out the doses of chemicals for each washing (active foam, shampoo, wax, drying aid, polish and rims).

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Technical specification

Minimal hall dimensions Length min. 10.50 m, width min. 5 m. Height depending on the model + 0.70 m.
Washing height Washing height adjusted to your needs: 2.10 m, 2.50 m, 3.00 m.
Track lenght 10m (optionally 12m).
Utility connections
Electricity max. 18 kW. Water 1” DN25, max. 1,25 m3/h, pressure 4-6 bar.
Drying 4 turbines, each with the power of 4 kW. Two turbines in the roof beam (a highly specialized method of controlling the nozzles) and one turbine on each side.
Wheel washing Up to size 21”.
Washing programs At the Customer’s request (different options).
Guarantee Two-year guarantee which applies if there are regular check-ups every 6 months and if specialized chemical agents from BKF are used.

Available payment methods

You can also add additional payment systems to your BKF rollover car wash. Each rollover comes with a coin slot. However, due to current trends, we expanded our offer to accommodate cashless payments. Adding a paypass reader or a smartphone payment option means higher income for the car wash owner. No loose change is no longer a problem. Cashless payments will attract younger customers interested in modern technologies. Today, it’s quite common to have no cash in your wallet, but most people never part with their phones, so they can pay through an app.

Car wash dimensions

device model machine height machine width washing width washing height
Wash 2100 3,25 m 3,51 m 2,40 m 2,10 m
Wash 2500 3,65 m 3,51 m 2,40 m 2,50 m
Wash 3000 4,15 m 3,51 m 2,40 m 3,00 m

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