Self-service car washes

modern technology Self-service car washes

Touchless car washes are popular with drivers, so they are a profitable business. Such a car wash doesn’t require you to employ staff. The driver washes the car on their own. Everything runs smoothly without the owner being present, so you’ll have time to run other businesses.
Equipment offered by BKF is reliable and comfortable to use. Thanks to a wide array of additions and our rich standard package, our product will live up to the expectations of demanding Customers. We design our products with your profit in mind.

  • High reliability
  • Modern technology
  • Extensive accessories
  • Remote management system

Container car wash

Container car washes are recommended for locations with high and medium traffic. They are perfect when you want to have multiple bays. The whole mechanism of the car wash is hidden in a special container. Thanks to this solution, the car wash is very comfortable in use (especially in winter). It may also increase the safety of cash transactions. This type of car wash can be used to expand the offer of an already existing business.

  • Increased safety.
  • Easy to use.
  • Storage for chemical products.

container car wash

Module car wash

An alternative to a container car wash is a module car wash, which is recommended for locations with small and medium traffic. Similarly to container car washes, this type of car wash is used to expand the array of services offered by an already existing business. The main advantage of this solution is saving space. A module car wash takes up a lot less space than a container car wash.

  • Practical ergonomics.
  • Elegant look.
  • Perfect solution to expand your current business if you don’t have a lot of space.

module car wash


At BKF, we design car washes in such a way as to easily implement new solutions whenever it’s necessary. We adjust every car wash to our customer’s needs and to current technological trends. We constantly develop state-of-the-art technology which makes BKF car washes stand out. That’s why we design car washes to which we can easily add new options.
Because of that, our Customers’ car washes are invariably attractive to drivers and remain competitive in the market.

1 Washing technics

Washing technics

At BKF, we only use reliable products which live up to the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Our car wash mechanism is a technologically advanced solution made of highest quality components. We can adjust the mechanism of a car wash to the individual needs of a customer. We offer many additional devices whose parameters can be checked online, e.g. a water meter with an electronic measurement system.
We offer mechanisms for container and module car washes:

  • Washing technics on a frame in a technical container.
  • Washing technics in a module made of stainless steel.
2 Steel construction

Steel construction

The appearance of the car wash is of particular importance, often the choice of the car wash by the driver depends on its appearance. In the investment process, you can choose the type of construction, select additional visual elements and backlighting that affect the attractiveness of your car wash. We will also help you decide whether it is worth investing in an open stand that facilitates the washing of buses and delivery vans.

Steel constructions
3 External bay

External bay

It will help your touchless car wash gain popularity and can become an additional source of income. An external bay is a perfect solution for washing commercial vehicles, which will make it possible for you to attract a new group of customers. Thanks to low building costs, you can count on a quick return on your investment. Your car wash will also be more attractive to bus and van drivers.

4 Design personalization

Design personalization

At BKF, the investor has an impact on what their future car wash will look like. As a manufacturer, BKF offers a wide variety of visual identification options. You can not only place your company logo on the car wash, but also completely change the colours and graphic design of individual devices and structural elements. It is the owner of the car wash who has the choice. You can create your own brand or advertise your car wash under BKF brand.

5 Additional washing programs

Additional washing programs

Apart from standard washing programmes, we also offer additional options which will strengthen the competitive position of your car wash.

  • Brush washing
    It will get rid of even the most resistant dirt on the car body.
  • Active foam
    It softens resistant dirt. It is very effective and visually impressive, so it will attract more customers.
  • Rim spraying
    An additional programme which makes it possible to thoroughly clean hubcaps and rims. It also removes dirt from brake blocks. It is also possible to use a special product intended for removing dried insects.
6 Modern payment methods

Modern payment methods

Do you know that over 80% of customers only visit a car wash when they have loose change in their pocket? The majority of drivers claim that they use car washes more often when they can make cashless payments. In response to drivers’ expectations, we introduced modern payment systems which enable you to acquire new customers.

7 Additional devices

Additional devices

Additional devices offered by BKF will perfectly complement your touchless car wash. Create a multi-functional vehicle cleaning centre which will satisfy any driver.
A car wash must-have is a bill changer. BKF change machine is one of the most important additional devices in our car washes which can significantly increase profit. What’s more, the majority of customers expect that there will be a vacuum cleaner available in a car wash. A vacuum cleaner goes well with our carpet beater made of stainless steel.

8 Car wash add-ons

Car wash add-ons

At BKF, we offer car wash accessories which will enable you to lower operating costs. Thanks to these products, you will get a return on your investment quicker. You can choose from a variety of unique solutions which lower maintenance costs and prevent downtime resulting from random events. We can offer e.g. winter package, condensing boiler, smart floor heating, high pressure system regulation and many more innovative solutions.

See the add-ons
9 Loyalty program

Loyalty program

Do you want to offer a loyalty programme to your customers? At BKF, we have a ready-made project for you. We offer both traditional loyalty cards and BE LOYAL, a smartphone application. Thanks to our loyalty programme, you’ll acquire regular customers.

Bear in mind that the biggest undecided group of drivers are those who have company cars. They are mainly interested in getting invoices as quickly and conveniently as possible. Take it into account and start BE LOYAL system in your car wash.

more about BE LOYAL
10 Remote carwash management

Remote carwash management

Managing a car wash and reacting to all sorts of accidents has never been so easy. Using your phone or laptop, you can obtain necessary information about your car wash from any place and at any time. You will get to know how much your car wash earned and check whether all important technical components work fine. It’s quick, convenient and easy and you can check it whenever you need to. BKF Carwash Manager is a modern solution which brings about numerous business advantages.

more about Carwash Manager

6 REASONS WHY a touchless car wash is a good investment

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    An ideal side business.

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    A business model that is easy to calculate.

  • thick icon

    A safe investment which guarantees financial liquidity.

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    No barriers to enter the market.

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    The human factor is minimized.

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    A promising and growing business highly affected by IT solutions.


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Carwash Manager Convenient and safe - BKF car wash management

Managing a car wash and reacting to all sorts of random events has never been so easy. Using your phone or computer, you can obtain necessary information about your car wash from any place and at any time. You’ll get to know how much money your car wash earned, find out whether individual components work fine and check chemical products consumption. It’s quick and easy and you can check it whenever you need to.

  • Data on the turnover of the whole car wash or individual bays.
  • Control over working time and the popularity of individual programmes.
  • Technical diagnostics.
  • Managing loyalty cards.
  • Undesired situations which occurred in the car wash.
  • Consumption and level of chemical products.
More about Carwash Manager

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