Container car washes

improved safety Container car wash

Container car washes are recommended for locations with high and medium traffic. They are perfect when you want to have multiple bays.

The whole mechanism of the car wash is hidden in a special container. Thanks to this solution, the car wash is very comfortable in use (especially in winter). It may also increase the safety of cash transactions.

  • Locations with high and medium traffic.
  • It will work great in densely populated districts, shopping malls and petrol stations, as well as any place which is supposed to service a lot of customers.
  • A solution intended for bigger cities.
  • A car wash with many bays.
  • Available in two versions of washing technology:
    •  BKF CarWash – main washing with powder dosing,
    •  BKF SelfWash – main washing with liquid dosing.

Advantages of container car wash

Container car wash elements

BKF CarWash BKF SelfWash

Steel constructions

Choosing the car wash construction is an important decision for business owners. The exterior of the car wash is the first thing noticed by a driver who is passing by. The construction not only protects the car wash (it shelters all the equipment), but also serves as advertising space. It’s really important for it to be aesthetically pleasing and meet the standards accepted in the car wash industry. BKF offers three construction types. Discover their advantages and choose the model that’s prefect for you.

construction Basic

A simple and elegant construction made of hot-dip galvanised steel, with a colourful topmost part and a flat trapezoidal roof.

construction Basic

construction Premium

A construction made of galvanised steel with better visual identification. A 3D illuminated logo and signs on the topmost part with LED borders.

construction Premium

construction Nexo

Galvanized steel structure with housings of illuminated LED columns and a louvered attic.

construction Nexo

construction Lumi

Innovative openwork structure made of galvanized steel, with effective multicolored LED backlight.

construction Lumi

comprehensive protection of the car BKF care program

Washing programs

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Carwash Manager Convenient and safe - BKF car wash management

Managing a car wash and reacting to all sorts of random events has never been so easy. Using your phone or computer, you can obtain necessary information about your car wash from any place and at any time. You’ll get to know how much money your car wash earned, find out whether individual components work fine and check chemical products consumption. It’s quick and easy and you can check it whenever you need to.

  • Data on the turnover of the whole car wash or individual bays.
  • Control over working time and the popularity of individual programmes.
  • Technical diagnostics.
  • Managing loyalty cards.
  • Undesired situations which occurred in the car wash.
  • Consumption and level of chemical products.
More about Carwash Manager

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