BKF Money changers

Money changer is one of the most important devices in addition to the car wash, which significantly increases profits. The changer’s primary function is the exchange of notes to coins and tokens that allow the payment for washing, but it is possible to extend its usefulness by many additional options. There is the possibility of selling and recharging of loyalty cards and payment using payment cards, as well as the use Changers as a central point of payment for the car wash.


BKF money changers The most important features

The money changer with the ability of exchanging notes to coins and tokens saves ouf of trouble the customers do not have loose coins in wallets. Programmable readers and hoppers help us to customize the operation of banknotes and coins in accordance with the needs of each customer and the specifics of foreign markets. BKF money changers can also be equipped with a range of options to further enhance the comfort of your customers and simplify management of a car wash.

ico-red-kompatybilnosc Central payment terminal

BKF Central Pay

Thanks to proprietary software and the possibility of installing payment card readers, the Pro money changer can be used as a central place for charges for washing on the car wash, without the need to invest in additional payment devices at each bay.

ico-red-yeti Safety

Transaction security

All BKF money changers are protected against electromagnetic pulse attack, which protects you against theft using this method.

ico-red-paypass Support for loyalty cards

Handle the loyalty program conveniently

Installing the dispenser and loyalty card charger enables your customers to participate in the loyalty program without the car wash service. The purchase of the card and its recharging will be possible directly in the changer.

ico-red-carwash-manager Remote control

Control over the Internet

Each BKF Money changer can be connected to the Internet and using applications Carwash Manager you gain the ability to receive notifications about the status of the device, and view statistics.

BKF Money changers Select money changer that fits your requirements


for a good start


for demanding

Construction Front plate made of stainless steel Stainless steel housing Stainless steel housing
Display 4-sections LED 4-sections LED LCD
Coins support 1 denomination 2 denominations 2 denominations
Protection against electromagnetic pulse yes yes yes
Connection to Carwash Manager * yes (option) yes (option) yes (option)
Loyalty cards sales no yes (option) yes (option)
Loyalty cards topping no yes (option) yes (option)
Printing confirmations no yes (option) yes (option)
Payment cards support no no yes (option)
Use as a post payment (BKF Central Pay BKF) no no yes (option)

* Connecting the change machine to the Carwash Manager is possible only for a BKF car wash.

Quality at reasonable price Money changer Basic

  • High-class components

    We use the highest quality components in all devices of our production. This version also includes Alberici hoppers and ICT banknote readers.

  • Good price

    In the BKF Basic changer we give you the best of everything at a competitive price.

  • Remote control

    Internet connection and access in the Carwash Manager application to notifications and device statistics.

  • Safety

    Immunity to attacks using an electromagnetic pulse generator.

  • Easy-to-use

    Simple and intuitive operation, which translates into simple service.

Money changer BKF Basic

Watch the movie and see why you should choose our solutions.


carwash manager Keep your finger on the pulse

Connect your carwash to the Carwash Manager system and gain remote insight into the data of your money changer. Check the condition of the device and the level of coin containers, analyze the turnover in any period.

Download Carwash Manager application

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Money changers BKF Standard / Pro Adjust the money changer to your needs

  • Support for PayPass bank cards (PRO version only)
  • Loyalty cards sales
  • Charging up loyalty cards
  • Design personalization
  • Changing banknotes into previously accepted banknotes (PRO version only)
  • Use as a BKF Central Pay terminal (PRO version only)
  • Printing confirmations