Carwash Manager

SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE Manage your car wash remotely

Managing a car wash and reacting to all sorts of random events has never been so easy.

Using your phone or computer, you can obtain necessary information about your car wash from any place and at any time. You will get to know how much your car wash earned and check whether all important technical component work fine. It’s quick and easy and you can check it whenever you need to.

  • ico-gray-carwash-managerRemote management
  • ico-gray-graphFinance analysis
  • ico-gray-obslugaEfficient service
  • ico-gray-ludzieService for fleet clients
  • ico-gray-analizaParameters monitoring
  • ico-gray-rozbudowaAlarms

Carwash Manager features

  • ico-gray-carwash-manager


    • Managing car wash settings.

    • Managing loyalty cards.

  • ico-gray-analiza


    • Financial reports.

    • Control over working time and the popularity of individual programs.

    • Diagnostics of car wash systems.

    • Control over chemical products consumption.

  • ico-gray-ochrona


    • Alarms (technical condition and unwanted situations).

    • Level of chemical products.


Carwash Manager - intelligent car wash management Comparision with a carwash without a management system

Managing a car wash in the cloud is a safe and easy solution which significantly facilitates running your business.

An undisputed advantage of using the cloud management technology is the possibility of receiving financial reports and automatic notifications about processes going on in your car wash. It gives you a unique possibility to manage your car wash comprehensively, easily, quickly and in a transparent manner. Managing your business remotely will help you make key decisions because you’ll have access to necessary data gathered by the system.


  car wash with Carwash Manager car wash without cloud support
Checking the turnouts in the carwash Remotely by means of an application. Manually from the on-site reading in the carwash or after counting money.
Generating reports Automatically by sending to an e-mail. After data analysis in the calculation sheet.
Managing fleet clients
  • Purchasing cards in a cash changer machine.
  • Remote charging by the carwash owner.
  • Monthly invoice.
  • Manual charging of keys in a specific place.
  • Non-organised settlements.
  • High mistake risk.
Management and monitoring Remotely by means of the application.
  • Manual in the carwash.
  • No monitoring.
Failure alerts Remotely by means of the application, sending notification to an indicated email.
  • None.
  • A risk of a serious failure, no earlier diagnosis.
  • Information from clients on noticeable failures which is connected with longer interruptions in the operation (longer response time than online).