16 Jul 2019

BKF car washes are already available on 23 markets in Europe and Asia.

Meet our first contactless car wash in Austria!

It would seem that July and August are months when working a bit slower. Nothing more wrong, we are not slowing down and we are flying with the next assembly 🙂

This time we are going to Austria, the assembly is already waiting:

  • Vertico washing technique in mini version
  • 2 control panels in the new design
  • New car wash in the Ötztal Bahnhof

If you ever visit Tyrol, you will come across a BKF contactless car wash in Ötztal Bahnhof. This car wash has a fairly strict design and does’nt look like standard BKF car washes you are used to in Poland. Among the concrete, however, you will find the latest solutions from Skarbimierzyce.

Replacement of washing technique

It began with the fact that the owner of a contactless car wash manufactured by Istobal, asked us about the possibility of replacing the washing technique with a modern one. The challenge was the size of our existing washing technique and adapting it to the requirements of a new customer. As a result of several months of cooperation, a new version of the Vertico washing technique in the mini version was created. This technique is dedicated to 1-3 car washes. Its main advantage is that it takes up much less space on the rack than traditional washing technique.

New control panels

New desktops, apart from the minimalist design, are characterized by better usability, comparing them to standard desktops. We have here new, vertically arranged buttons and readers moved to the side of the device. Thanks to these treatments, we have gained better product ergonomics. We hope that this will improve the customer experience with our brand and ultimately increase the satisfaction with the washing service.

The dynamic development of BKF

The market is changing dynamically, new challenges and opportunities are emerging. We want to be up-to-date and flexibly approach our client’s requirements. This approach gives us a lot of job satisfaction. Next challenges are ahead of us.