18 Nov 2019

Each market is different. Everyone has their own rules. See the case study on the implementation of the first BKF car wash in England and the emotions that accompanied this implementation.

Self-service car washes in England

Self-service car washes on the islands are still rare. Hand washes are the most popular here (relatively low cost of washing, no need for driver involvement in washing). By launching the first self-service car wash, we decided to change it and give local community a new quality of washing!

New car wash specification:

Together with the investor, we chose the car wash specification, which includes convenient online payments and additional washing programs such as active foam and brush. We adapted the size of the car wash to the location options, taking into account the needs of local residents. That is why, besides 3 roofed washing stands, there was also an outdoor stand dedicated to delivery vehicles. The whole technique of car wash is in the container, which is very convenient because the room serves as an additional facilities (e.g. for chemistry).

The most important elements of the car wash specification are:

  • Container
  • Vertico technique 
  • Foam washing program
  • Brush cleaning program
  • Electronic payment readers
  • Inverters (extra lifetime kit)
  • Smart heating of the floor (smart heating)
  • Monitoring of osmotic water quality.

As for payments, this is the second self-service car wash in England fully cashless.


Car wash queue

After opening the self-service car wash in Bridgend, a queue of cars set up. Everyone wanted to know how non-touchless washing works and test the quality of washing.

As for payments, this is the second self-service car wash in England fully cashless.



Positive feedback on the car wash funpage

After opening car wash, on the Facebook fanpage, there were over 200 positive comments and photos. The investor encourages Bridgend residents to regularly use the car wash, through promotions such as: 9 wash +1 free or a loyalty program, which will soon launch the application.


The dynamic development of BKF

BKF is already present on 24 markets in Europe and Asia. More opportunities and challenges lie ahead.

If you are interested in building a car wash in the UK, please contact our British representative:

Tel. +44.7580802000