16 Mar 2023

Modernize your car wash with us!

Does your car wash have a great location and high traffic? Excellent! We can help you to stay competitive. Upgrade your car wash with us!


Why should car washes be modernized?

Money is the main argument. If you are no longer making profit from your car wash and you put money into the business again. Then you should make a decision on what to do next.

You are the owner of a car wash with an excellent location and extra money to invest? BKF has a solution for you. First option is to replace the whole old car wash with a new one – as we did. The second option is upgrade some of it by exchanging car wash techniques and adding new wash programes.

In order to encourage you to do this, we will show you our example, what results we were able to achieve in just 3 months after such a replacement.

Modernized car wash main profits

For us the most important is energy savings, because it means better finance results of our car wash business. The second but equally important is reduction of unwanted breakdowns, cost of service is irrelevant for next few years. Other additional advantages are: increasing the attractiveness, improvement of the quality of washing services, various programs of wash. All of that makes for us more money but remember that well arranged costs, higher turnover also means higher profits for the car wash owner.

Next significant argument is convenience. Remote access to the data generated from the Carwash Manager via mobile apps. This solution provides many opportunities for monitoring the condition of the car wash and helps with the business analyses. Alarm notifications are not a novelty, they are our standard! Using our Carwash Manager app, you always know what is happening at the facility, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Business customers. You’ll get the chance to win them over with the BE LOYAL mobile app, so that they can not only conveniently pay for their wash with their phone, but also receive an invoice automatically! Is taking care of your business customers a challenge for you? With the BE LOYAL app, everything happens by itself. Thanks to the modernization, you will be able to do away with inconvenient loyalty cards in favor of payment with just such an app.


How we did upgrade the car wash in Szczecin?

In 2022, we decided to purchase the oldest car wash in Szczecin. The car wash, despite its outdated technology, has been working since 2002. Unfortunately, the cost of repair service, many breakdowns and problems with new parts, resulted in multiple closures of bays. The costs of those failures were unacceptable.

Our goal was to focus on upgrading the car wash. We began by planning the replacement of all old wash techniques with new car wash equipment. Additionally we exchange whole construction to the new one – Lumi!


The new equipments:

  • container
  • washing technology
  • software
  • money changer
  • vacuum cleaners
  • booms
  • lances and other accessories.

Along with the change of devices, came a change of software. The modern car wash software, which enables remote operation, plus a lot of convenient functionalities facilitating the management of a car wash on a daily basis, makes it an ideal tool for every car wash owner.

Along with the new software, the car wash owner may remotely perform, among others, such activities as:

  • remote recharging of loyalty cards
  • change of chemical dosage
  • switching on/off the car wash or stands
  • generating financial reports
  • monitoring traffic in a car wash
  • checking the state of finances in the cash dispenser
  • and many others.

In addition to replacing the equipment, the design was also replaced. The attractive openwork attic of Lumi is our standard, under which we put another car wash in Szczecin.
As with the other car washes, we have also relied on RGB LED car wash lighting to make it sufficiently visible from a distance. This is particularly important in the evening, as the changing lighting is quite distinctive and highly visible, thus attracting the customers’ attention.


How much money does the car wash generate after the modernization?

As you know, the location of the car wash has a significant impact on the revenue generated. This 4-stand car wash is located in the center of a big Polish town in the vicinity of a large housing estate, condominiums and a shopping center. There are 2 petrol stations and a car service at a large intersection

After modernization, the car wash generated 2 times more turnover! We estimate that the funds invested in autumn 2022 will pay us back within the next few years.

Fleet customers have a significant impact on the turnover generated at our car wash. With the BE LOYAL mobile app payment option available at the car wash, taxi companies, couriers or transport companies and uber drivers are keen to use the car wash. They account for more than 18% of all payments made last year.


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Are you interested in modernizing your old car wash or just some upgrade?

If you are considering the future of your business in the form of modernizing, upgrading or replacing your car wash technology, please contact us. We have various ways to help you. Please just contact us: export@bkfcarwash.eu .