28 May 2022

We couldn’t wait for trade show to meet our customers.

Uniti Expo Stuttgart 

On 15-19 May, in 3 large halls of Messe Stuttgart, representatives of the petrol and car wash industries met.

BKF Carwash was also there with its offer of touchless car washes, washing techniques, additional equipment for car washes such as hoover and, what is important, the premiere presentation of a portal car wash.



Premiere of the new BKF rollover

New BKF rollover is a fully automatic and innovative brush car wash. The same as in other machines of our production we put the customer and his comfort of car wash management in the first place.



If you decide to choose our production rollover, you can be sure that everyday car wash operation will not be demanding and the solutions applied in it, will give you the feeling of safety for many years.

The new rollover is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel which guarantees its long service life.

Longer component life is ensured thanks to inverters, which are responsible for a gentle start-up of the car wash motors and gentle braking. The idea is that the movements of the car wash are smooth, controlled, with variable dynamics depending on the current washing process. An additional advantage of using all drives on inverters is energy saving.



Additional functionalities resulting from the modern software of the car wash, which you will not find in other similar solutions on the market, play a very important role in this product. Extended system of self-diagnosis and alarms is a significant advantage of BKF rollover over the competition.  BKF car wash diagnoses its own parameters and is able to eliminate smaller problems in a completely autonomous way, signalling with an alarm if it cannot cope with something on its own.

That is why it is so important to connect the car wash to the Internet, thanks to which you are constantly informed about what is happening with the machine. You know exactly when it is best to appear at the facility to, for example, collect cash or refill the coins. You can also perform many activities remotely without leaving your home. As a car wash owner, you always have access to the most important technical and business information.

This type of approach allows you to better organise your working day, which is especially important if the car wash is an additional business.

Comfortable management with Carwash Manager


BKF rollover cooperates with all manufacturers of water recovery systems. By choosing this type of solution, you will be able to recover up to 90% of the water used in the washing process.

Need more information? Visit our rollover page.