16 Jan 2019

We are pleased to announce that, as every year, we will be present at the most important industry events that will take place both at home and abroad.

Where will we meet in 2019?

On April 8-10, we will be present at the largest Forecourt Show in Birmingham in this part of Europe in the fuel industry, during which we will present the latest solutions for self-service car washes and devices dedicated to car washes additional.

A month later, on May 9-10, we are going with our equipment to the “Tankstelle & Mittelstand” exhibition in Munster.

Then, on May 15-17, you’ll meet us at the 26th International Petrol Station Fair in Warsaw.  The event will take place at the Warsaw Expo XXI.

The BKF CarWash stand can be found in the part called Car Wash Town. Here, the novelty will be the presentation of our portal car wash production.

Why is it worth coming to the fair?

The trade fair is a great place to discuss and exchange experiences. That is why we are pleased to welcome all our supporters and current customers.

We especially invite people who are thinking about entering the car wash business.

You will find out:

  • Why is it worth investing in a car wash?
  • What are the costs of such an undertaking?
  • Where is the best place to place the object?
  • What does the car wash service look like?
  • What are the costs of operating a car wash?
  • Is it better to choose a modular or container car wash?
  • How to use our Carwash Manager?
  • Why is it worth having the BE LOYAL application?
  • Why is it worth modernizing the old car wash?
  • Why is it worth meeting BKF employees?

We focus on the quality of customer service, that’s why we take representatives of various departments to the fair. At the fair you will meet highly qualified specialists in the fields of quality engineering, service, technology and marketing.