08 Apr 2021

Who would decide to wash their car without having coins (if there is no additional possibility of paying by a credit card at the car wash)? Why is the sight of a money changer at a car wash no longer surprising?

A money changer has become a permanent element of equipment of touchless car washes. Rightly so, as the money changer plays a very important role. By changing banknotes into coins, it enables your customers to pay for car washing.

All the more we are pleased to inform you that we have created a budget version of the BKF money changer. This is a nod to our customers who asked us for a simpler solution. The new BKF money changer Basic solution, offers high quality components, used in the basic version, at a very attractive price!

What elements distinguish our product from others?

BKF Basic differs a lot from cheap solutions of the competition.

Firstly: safety

In all our machines we use protocols encrypting communication between the most important components. Thanks to this, the device is fully protected against generators of electromagnetic impulses, which are used to steal coins. This is a significant advantage, which ensures full reliability of the device and peace of mind at night. You will not find such solutions in low-budget versions of coin changers!

Secondly: remote control

As an owner of BKF car wash, you have a possibility of connecting it to the car wash controller and Carwash Manager management system. Thanks to that you have full control over the machine work and insight in financial statistics. Our money changer will tell you itself when you have to refill the coins. 

Thirdly:  simple and intuitive operation

Simple operation also means simple servicing. It is a very intuitive device, which will not trouble you with servicing it yourself, if you feel like it. The cash dispenser is also trivially easy for the customer to use. Simply insert the banknote into the reader and that’s it. After a while, the banknote is automatically exchanged for coins.

Fourthly: attractive price

This element will surely attract your attention if you compare prices of similar solutions on the market. Just remember not to be guided by the price alone. You should also take into account other important issues, such as those related to security or control of the device mentioned above.


How is the new BKF money changer constructed?

We use the highest quality components in all our machines! Also in this basic version, we used the well-known Alberici hoppers and banknote readers of the renowned company ICT (Currency Technologies Corp.). ICT’s XBA series of banknote readers (you will also find them in our other devices: desks, cash dispensers) are equipped with innovative technology of accepting banknotes, thus distinguishing themselves with a high efficiency of 98%.

Additional equipment of our cash dispenser includes front and casing made of stainless steel in a compact size, note reader and coin cassette, protected by polycarbonate shields,

installation in the wall of a container or in the wall of a room designated by the customer.


What are the other equipment elements of the new money changer?

A single hopper can hold from 1000 to 1200 coins of one denomination. It is you who decides what denomination of coins the coin changer will dispense.

The 4 segment LED display has an informative function. After inserting a banknote into the reader, it shows the amount paid. 

Reliability of operation, ensures the absence of excessive electronics. In this version, you will not add a loyalty card reader or dispenser, printer or card reader.

If you need a richer version of the cash dispenser, allowing payment by bank card, with the option of printing receipts or loyalty card support, check out our offer at: https://bkfcarwash.eu/money-changers/ .