07 Jul 2020

BKF SelfWash – your new car wash

Equipped with the technology liquid chemicals BKF SelfWash, are an great alternative for Investors who value high quality at an attractive price. The innovative technology used in them allows to achieve great washing results even at lower water temperatures. In combination with reliable ACV twin-function boilers, this gives measurable benefits throughout the entire life cycle.


Components of global brands

When it comes to components, we use components of renowned brands, just like in all our equipment. 


Wide range of attractive accessories

We offer a wide range of attractive additions to the car wash, which influence the attractiveness of the car wash and increase the generated revenue. Choose freely from additional washing programmes (e.g. active foam, brush, rim spraying). Use the latest payment methods (payment card, phone, BE LOYAL application) and keep up to date with the latest trends. 



Advantages of using liquid chemistry in touchless car washes

Concentrated liquid chemistry is more convenient than powder. Liquid chemicals can be dosed from larger containers, so you need to refill the container less often. Using the liquid eliminates possible problems with dissolving the powder, which unfortunately happens in case of poor quality of these agents.  Check the offer of BKF professional chemicals.