08 Jul 2019

In response to increased customer interest in the offer of BKF non-touchless  car washes, we decided to implement a new website.

The bkfcarwash.eu website has been enriched with new functionalities.

Now you will be able to quickly and easily get the most important information about the product and in 3 simple steps to evaluate the planned investment.

– “The thematic scope proposed by us on bkfcarwash.eu is very wide. We believe that thanks to properly tailored content, anyone who has not had knowledge about non-touchless car washes until now, will gain such knowledge from our website, “says Piotr Andrzejewski CEO of BKF CarWash.

What can we find in the new website? 

Our new website is primarily a refreshed image of our brand and adaptation to market requirements. 

At bkfcarwash.eu you will find:

  • New product pages
  • Extensive list of projects with investment details and photos
  • A new investment implementation map with a search engine that will facilitate finding a car wash on the map. 

In this way, we intend to position the main product and complementary products even better.

The new website is fully responsive, adapted to be viewed on devices with different resolutions.


Car wash constructor – the most important element of the main page

One of the most important elements of the main page of the website is the car wash constructor, which allows you to create your own car wash configuration with visualization. Complementing the designer in 3 easy steps automatically sends a request for an offer to the Call Center BKF CarWash.

Language versions available

The BKF CarWash service has been made available in three language versions: Polish , English and German. Soon, it is planned to implement further language versions.