19 May 2020

Today is International Car Wash Day. The aim of this day is to promote car washing.

Clean bodywork, windows and mirrors are our duty.  Whether we use our own car or a company car, road safety is a key issue.

How often should I wash my car?

So how often should I wash my car? The answer to this is quite trivial: we should wash the car when needed. There are, however, periods during the year when we should do it more often.  During the flowering period of the trees, we should use touchless car washes almost daily. You will ask why?  During this period, some species of trees, emit dust that settles on the body of the car. This is what happens in the case of pine, that is from mid-May to mid-June, when we are dealing with yellow dust sticking to the body of our cars. Unfortunately, an attempt to remove it with a clean cloth may prove ineffective.  The best way to get rid of the unwanted deposit is to visit a car wash and remove it with hot water and high pressure chemicals.

In summer, acid rain, insect traces or bird droppings can be a nightmare for the car owner. Each of these leaves visible traces on the car: smaller or larger, but always annoying. In order to get rid of them, we should use additional washing programs at the car wash, such as: active foam and a brush.

How best to take care of the car’s paintwork?

In order to take care of the car’s paintwork, we recommend regular maintenance of the paint with a special polymer. Water, softened with this impregnant, covers the paint with a thin, hard layer. Thanks to high temperature it is “glued” to the paint. Systematic polymer maintenance protects the car body from dirt and harmful weather conditions (water, sun) and prevents dust and sand from settling.  Additionally, the polymer gives the effect of water drainage from the car body. It dries automatically (without additional blowing) and ensures a long-term effect.

Which carwashes to choose?

Only use proven car washes which use high quality chemicals and additional washing programmes such as active foam, brush or rim washing.  The ideal solution for all types of stubborn dirt is undoubtedly the active foam programme, which will be perfect for removing traces and stains from the car body all year round. If you would like to know more about it, please visit the product page.

Carwash owners can only take care of high quality professional carwash chemicals to meet their customers’ expectations.