23 Oct 2019

Do you know the reasons why you should enter cashless payments at your carwash?

If you give us 3 minutes now, you’ll find out why you should do it.

Poland is one of the most developed countries in Europe, using innovative technologies of non-cash payments.
A characteristic phenomenon observed on our market is a further increase in the number of proximity cards. According to data from the June NBP report ‘Information on payment cards Q1 2019’, at the end of March 2019 there were 35 million cards in Poland. Over the quarter, the number of cards increased by another 330 thousand. At the end of the first quarter of 2019, the share of contactless cards in the total number of payment cards reached a record level and amounted to 84.8% (in the previous quarter it was 84.1%).

The fact that Polish like to pay without cash is also confirmed by the latest report ‘Electronic payments 2018’, prepared by the Chamber of Electronic Economy. It shows that 67% of Polish use payment cards, 62% have a bank account with Internet access, and 39% use mobile applications.

It is no wonder then, that car wash owners are increasingly deciding to buy PayPass electronic payment readers. What’s more, we note an increase in the sale of readers per 1 car wash. Some car wash owners decide to buy readers at every washing station, because they want to meet the expectations of their customers and ensure comfortable use of the service. New on BKF car washes since last year is also the possibility to install the BE LOYAL mobile application, thanks to which we can quickly and efficiently pay for washing with the phone.

The most valuable benefits

See 3 benefits, most frequently mentioned by carwash owners about having PayPass electronic readers:

  • Adapting the offer to prevailing market trends.  More and more customers use payment cards. They know that thanks to this solution their car washes will be more competitive than others. They will be able to attract and retain new customers faster.
  • Car wash revenue increase. The owners of BKF carwash, who decided to introduce PayPass readers on their car washes, noted a 35% increase in revenue at the car wash.
  • Easy and quick installation of readers. A novelty in the BKF offer are readers that can be installed without having to pull the cable. To connect the solution, you only need to start the GPRS internet connection and sign a contract with an ePayment representative.

Poland against the background of Europe

In Europe, electronic transactions have developed the most in Scandinavia, especially in Denmark and Sweden. Cash turnover in these countries accounts for only a few percent of financial operations. Our Scandinavian clients invest only in car washes, where money is visible only in cashless circulation. If you think that this topic is interesting for you, click here.

Take care of your future now

Undoubtedly, cashless payments are the future and we know that they will continue to revolutionize the market. The benefits of using this solution on a global scale are many: they simplify the payment process, give immediate access to the funds we have, allow you to use many additional, convenient services. So let’s use these innovative solutions and facilitate their use also for our clients.