20 Dec 2019

We are pleased to present you with a smart water supply system.

What is BKF HydroControl and what tasks does it have to perform on a car wash?

BKF HydroControl is a set of devices ensuring a constant pressure in the car wash supply system. This team consists of:

  • a high-performance pump that provides enough water for the largest car washes
  • pump control inverter
  • analog pressure sensor
  • diaphragm tank
  • car wash connection installation.

In the BKF offer you will find 2 available options of our solution: HydroControl and HydroControl Plus. The differences between them will be explained later in the article.

Why is BKF HydroControl unique?

For two reasons: the pump control inverter and the software.

An inverter is a frequency converter, which is a device with the ability to power the pump in such a way that it works in any degree from 0 to 100%. Without it, the pump could work only at 0% or 100%.

The benefits of using an inverter are several. The first is that the pump starts up gradually, without generating a hydraulic shock, which shortens the life of the components of the hydraulic system, especially the boiler or softener. Another advantage is the ability to accurately control the pump. As long as there is water collection (i.e. at least one washing station is running or osmotic water is produced), the pump will be started. This will reduce the number of pump starts, which translates into its service life. Leaving the pump on allows you to react faster to changes in conditions, which translates into significantly smaller pressure deviations.

However, the inverter alone cannot do anything without the right software. The algorithm designed by engineers from BKF constantly compares data from an analog pressure transmitter with the setpoint on the car wash controller. Performs complex calculations and their result is smooth and reliable operation of the HydroControl device.


What is the difference between HydroControl and HydroControl Plus?


The main difference is that HydroControl Plus is additionally equipped with a buffer tank with a capacity of 750 or 1000 liters (depending on the size of the car wash). The tank is filled by means of a solenoid valve and a level sensor, which informs the controller about the need to top up the tank.

In addition, the tank has two additional safety sensors from critically low and high levels.

The critically low level sensor protects the car wash against dry running. If the water level drops below this level, the car wash will immediately shut down. This may be due to a lack of water from the plumbing system or failure of the filling solenoid valve.

The critically high level sensor is able to detect buffer tank overflow. This may be due to a failure of the filling solenoid valve, which lets water into the tank.

When and where will the system find its application?

HydroControl is great for locations that suffer from low water pressure from the mains. However, if you have problems with too low flow or frequent interruptions in the supply of water then you should reach for HydroControl Plus.