16 Mar 2020

Mobile payments at car washes limit the possibility of coronavirus infections.

Since the beginning of March, the popularity of payments at BKF car washes using the BE LOYAL mobile application has grown exponentially.

The increase in popularity of BE LOYAL is directly connected with the epidemiological threat in Poland. Customers of BKF car washes consciously use other forms of payment than cash, thanks to which they reduce the possibility of contact with cash, which may contain viruses. 


In the period 1-15 March 2020, compared to the period 1-15 February 2020:

  • The total value of the invoices issued through the application grew by 27%,
  • The number of washing invoices issued increased by 103%,
  • The number of new users increased by as many as 155%!                             

Mobile payments with BE LOYAL applications attract more and more new users. The relatively long presence of BE LOYAL on the market increases confidence in this solution.

Further development of the application

In the coming weeks we plan to launch new functionalities in the application, which will allow fleet customers to effectively implement the process of fleet cleaning settlements. This solution will attract new customers to the car washes handling payments with our application.

More about BE LOYAL

More about BE LOYAL you can be found on our product page.