19 Aug 2021

We offer a full range of touchless car wash chemicals. Meet the new active foam!


LITE Foam Active Foam

LITE Foam is an alkaline cleaning agent created for the needs of touchless car washes. Owing to its alkaline character, it is very effective in softening dirt on the car body. At the same time, it is completely safe for the applied lacquer coats. 


What are the properties of the new foam?

  • alkaline (pH 9 at the “gun exit”)
  • odourless
  • safe for car body
  • colour – neutral (white)
  • perfectly prepares the car body for basic washing.


Adjust the dosage according to your preferences. The recommended dosage by the manufacturer is 0,5 % – 1%.


We especially recommend

LITE Foam active foam will be perfect for those car wash owners who are not fully convinced with coloured foams.

It is also an ideal solution for those who appreciate neutral colours and fragrance, and at the same time appreciate high quality of washing.



Surprise your customers with a new, high quality product at your car wash.

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