11 Jan 2019

Mobile payments, i.e. those via the telephone, are becoming more and more popular.

The trend is growing all over the world, which is why we decided to introduce this new form of payment at BKF car washes! As you remember, not so long ago the card payment was new, and now it’s time to pay by phone! This is a good time to implement the BE LOYAL application.

What is BE LOYAL?

The answer to this question can be found in our video and in the article below. BE LOYAL is a billing platform, available from the phone application. The application allows you to make mobile payments (by phone) on BKF car washes. It is an extremely simple and quick to use payment tool that will attract a new group of customers to the car wash. The driver can download the application via Google Play or the Apple Store. Application operation is very simple. Car wash owners who want to offer their customers card payments, we suggest installing BE LOYAL. The application supports payments with a traditional payment card and other payment methods known on the market, such as Przelewy24 and BLIK. We can safely say that the BKF application is a great alternative to PayPass payment card readers.

BE LOYAL ensures competitiveness of BKF car washes.

How it’s working?

Each BKF car wash that is connected to the BE LOYAL system is available on the car wash map in the application. In this way, the driver can easily and quickly find a car wash corresponding to the given location. Later, just a few clicks to pay for car washing.

The whole thing lasts quickly and is very intuitive. And the owner of the car wash has a view to the data from the level of CarWash Manager. He can check the amount of payments by phone in his system.

How to pay with the application for washing?

By creating a payment system for the application, we’ve put ourselves in the role of a car wash customer. Research shows that Przelewy24 is Poland’s favorite form of payment, which is why it was also available in BE LOYAL. It quickly turned out that it was a hit! Car wash users are offered a wide range of options for paying for car washing. All methods are simple and quick to use, and above all safe.

The customer can pay by phone for washing:

  • Using a Visa or MasterCard payment card previously added by him to the application
  • Using Przelewy24 payments
  • Using BLIK payments
  • Using Apple Pay payments.

In addition, we’re still working on adding new payment methods. The most important benefit of this application is the option to receive an invoice. Each user has access to the list of invoices in their application. They are generated automatically, which is especially useful for company car owners.

Is the car wash customer data secure?

User data is 100% secure. The place where you should enter your payment card information is an interface certified by MasterCard and Visa. Payment data are properly secured.

Can an application be connected to each BKF car wash?

BE LOYAL is connected to each new BKF car wash, unless the owner of the car wash decides otherwise. Then the installation of the application takes place along with the installation of a new car wash at the customer. With this solution, the customer does not have to incur additional costs associated with the next arrival of a service technician.

The basic technical requirement is of course the need to connect the car wash to the internet, which gives many additional benefits. This carwash must additionally have an external IP address and a router with port forwarding capability and one free LAN connector. Setting up a car wash is on the side of the car wash owner.

Car washes with many years of experience must have a PP65 driver or newer to join the network.

A number of promotions are waiting for BE LOYAL users. By topping up the account piggy bank in the application, we will get up to 10% discount for washing. You can forget your wallet, but nowadays the phone is always at hand, so it’s worth remembering about the solution which is the BKF BE LOYAL application.


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