25 Oct 2019

Already 1,800 users have registered in the BE LOYAL app.

We enjoy so much interest. To a large extent, it is thanks to our customers who have trusted the new solution.

Why are BKF car wash customers paying with the application more and more often?

First of all, it’s very convenient. Just download the application and register. Paying is incredibly intuitive. The main advantage of the BE LOYAL mobile application is, of course, the possibility of receiving an invoice, which is sent by email after the washing service has been performed. In this way, the owner of a car wash is relieved of the obligation to issue an invoice. In a word, it’s quick, easy and pleasant.

How can the client download the application?

The application can be downloaded from several different places. We have the most installations from the Google Play store, from which we have already recorded over 1000 downloads. If you prefer the Apple store, you will find BE LOYAL under the App Store link.

In what cities is the application already available?

Łochowo, Kościan, Poznań, Stargard, Wrocław, Kraków and Czarny Bór are only selected from over 20 cities where you will pay BE LOYAL. In many of them you will pay with cash, cards and applications.

There are also such locations as e.g. in Słupsk, where all BKF car washes offer their customers payments by phone.

Can every car wash be connected to the application?

To connect the car wash to the mobile payment system, several conditions must be met. First of all, the carwash should be connected to the internet. You can check the detailed technical information on our website: https://bkfcarwash.eu/beloyal/