27 Jan 2021

We are pleased to present you with the new chemical level measurement system.

Our system shows a new way of measuring chemical agents levels in tanks. This solutions is an innovation on the market in terms of reliability and longevity of the solution, which refreshes our current approach to chemical level measurement.

For what purpose has the new measurement system been introduced?

The new metering system has been introduced to protect the car wash owner from the situation of running out of chemical in the tanks. Not keeping track of the chemical level can have unpleasant consequences. Car wash customers who have experienced such a situation, may not come to your car wash again. Lack of chemicals in the tanks may also have its technical consequences. Too long work of detergent pumps without chemistry, so called dry-running, may cause their permanent damage and the need to repair or replace the pumps with new ones.




What exactly is capacitive measurement?

Digital chemical level measurement uses a capacitive sensor. This type of solution has a significant advantage over float sensors available on the market. The innovation of our sensor is that it is not submerged in the tank with chemicals, but mounted outside the tank. Why? Because the chemistry stored in the tanks is highly concentrated and over time could damage the sensor mounted inside. Mounting the capacitive sensor eliminates this problem.



How is the system built?

The new chemical level measurement system consists of a tray, a capacitive sensor and a control module. The tray is made of stainless steel.  An important element completing the whole is of course our software. In case the chemical level falls below the assumed 20% level, the car wash owner receives an e-mail or sms alert. The alarm will also be visible in an online car wash management system Carwash Manager. It is a very convenient solution. It is enough that the car wash is connected to the Internet. More about the advantages of Carwash Manager, you will find on this website.



How can I order new sensors?

When buying a new car wash, ask your salesperson to include the capacitive sensors in the quote when preparing the offer for you.