04 Oct 2018

BKF non-touchless car washes are already present in 21 markets in Europe and Asia.

Meet our first BKF self-service car wash in Romania!

In September, the largest BKF self-service car wash was opened in Romania. RACE CAR WASH, because we are talking about it, is located in Buzău, in the southern part of Romania. The investment is located on an area of ​​2000 square meters. This is the first such a large, contactless car wash in Romania!

“We are happy to enter the Romanian market, the first implementation on a new market is always very inspiring for us,” says Radomir Ronka, commercial director of BKF CarWash.

Foto: reporterbuzoian.ro

Car wash in Buzău

The car wash has 4 washing stations, which are equipped with the latest BKF solutions, such as:

  • Condensing boiler
  • Intelligent floor heating
  • Full regulation of the high pressure system
  • Loyalty system
  • Dispenser
  • 2-point BKF vacuum cleaner

According to the investor, the total cost of this investment is 110,000 euros.

Foto: reporterbuzoian.ro

What do “spălătorie” look like in Romania?

Self-service car washes, called “spălătorie”, have been known on the Romanian market recently. When you visit this country, you’ll quickly notice the differences. There is a completely different standard to which we are used to using car washes in Europe. You will not find designer, well-lit shelters there. You will see most of the car washes located just next to the existing business under a regular corrugated roof. Service car washes are still a standard on the Romanian market, where employees manually write the card with the car’s registration number, date and time of washing. The whole car wash business is personally supervised by the owner of the car wash :).

Foto: reporterbuzoian.ro

The dynamic development of BKF

Thanks to the creation of a new production hall in Skarbimierzyce, we have additional space at our disposal to gradually increase our production. We are all the more pleased with the implementation of the next target adopted in the sales strategy. Romania is an important point on the map of BKF’s further expansion.