19 Nov 2019

Each modern car wash should be equipped with a 2-position vacuum cleaner with a compressor.

 A new line of BKF vacuum cleaners,  can help you maintain high standards of customer service at the car wash.

Where did the idea for Basic vacuum cleaners come from?

Whence? From our customers of course. Their opinions influence our everyday decisions. We have heard that our vacuum cleaners go beyond the market standard, and at the same time they are too big, too expensive. We decided to change it. The new line of vacuum cleaners meets the latest market requirements.


What is the difference between new vacuum cleaners and previous ones?

First of all, they differ in size. The new vacuum cleaners are more compact, i.e. they take up less space. Here the turbine is connected to a separator. The tank inside the vacuum cleaner has also been reduced and has a capacity of 32 liters. An important change worth mentioning on this occasion is the power supply. The new vacuum cleaners are single-phase, making them easy to connect.

All products in the new line are made of stainless steel and can be installed without the need for an additional roofing.

Flexible selection of available options

An important feature of new products is also the possibility of a flexible approach to the choice of available options. From now on, our customers can decide for themselves if they want their vacuum cleaner:

  •  Supported coins of 1 denomination or many?
  • Supported loyalty cards?
  • Had a display, booms, compressor?
  • Was connected to remote management in Carwash Manager?

New naming

For convenience, we decided to introduce a new naming of vacuum cleaners. And yes:

Basic is a vacuum cleaner in the basic version, available in one and two-position option.

Basic Plus is a vacuum cleaner enriched with a display, booms, multi-denomination coin support, loyalty card support. Available in one and two position option.

Premium is the richest and most reliable version of the vacuum cleaner in our offer. This is the most recommended version at the same time. In a word, a vacuum cleaner that has everything.

For more information, please visit our product page:

Vacuum cleaners