28 Aug 2020

Payments at BKF car washes in Poland. Has Covid-19 changed customer behaviors?

Before we move on to the topic of payments at BKF car washes, it is worth quoting data from the latest report “Digital Payments 2019”, which shows e-trends in Polish behaviors. The report shows that the most important product that enables non-cash transactions in Poland is still the payment card. Last year, 48% of Polish declared having such a card. This is 8 points more than in 2018. This trend has continued to grow over the last few years and is also well visible in the statistics of payments at BKF car washes, which we will write about below.


Share of payments at the BKF car washes

Customers of BKF touchless car washes, have a wide range of payments to choose from. Starting from traditional cash payments to secure touchless payments (payment card, loyalty card, BE LOYAL mobile application).

Below you will find data which show the share of particular payment methods and their change over time (year to year).

Share of payments at BKF car washes between January and July 2019:

  • Coins 65.56%
  • Loyalty cards 7.06%
  • Bank cards 24.96%
  • BE LOYAL app 1,59%

Share of payments in BKF car washes between January and July 2020:

  • Coins 58.38%
  • Loyalty cards 5.04%
  • Bank cards 33.26%
  • BE LOYAL app 3.32%

There is a noticeable increase in non-cash payment methods. In the indicated period we recorded a 25% increase in card payments and a 52% increase in application payments.


Polish liked the payment with the BE LOYAL app!

Today we know that the BE LOYAL application is already used by over 3.5 thousand customers, and the time of the epidemic radically accelerated the decision to open an account in the application. As a result, the number of new users has increased, as well as the activity of already registered users.

With the onset of the pandemic, in the period from 1 to 15 March 2020, compared to the period from 1 to 15 February 2020:

  • The total value of invoices issued through the application has increased by 27%
  • The number of washing invoices issued increased by 103%
  • The number of new users has increased by as much as 155%
  • In July this year alone, we recorded as much as 256% more revenue from mobile payments compared to the same month last year.

The conclusions are as follows: Customers of BKF car washes consciously decide on the contactless payment method. The trend and research is one thing, but we also have no doubt that the customer’s decision was also significantly influenced by the epidemic.

More information about the application can be found on the BE LOYAL product page.