17 Nov 2020

Freezing the car wash is not pleasant. Excluded washing bays and the high cost of their defrosting are unnecessary costs that can be avoided. Find out how to prepare your car wash for winter.

Modular car wash

1. Start by raising the temperature in the module 

Each module has 2 fan heaters. You can set the temperature on each of them separately. In the old fan heaters with a knob, turn the knob to number 2. If you have a newer version of fan heater with a monitor, with up and down arrows, you will set the desired temperature. The recommended value is about +15 degrees Celsius. Make sure that the device screen shows the desired temperature. If there are dashes on the screen, it means that the device is switched off and will not heat up the inside of the module. 

2. Check the circulation filter.

After setting the fan heater, you must now check the circulation filter. The module is located in the aqua section near the pump. To replace it, simply unscrew the lower part with the supplied spanner. Rinse the inside of the filter, then replace the cartridge and housing and tighten the whole thing. It is best if you do it with the right feeling so as not to overdo it:)   

Container car wash  

1. Change the thermostat settings.

Change the thermostat temperature with the red knob.  Just set it to +15 degrees Celsius. Then lift the safety device up.

2. Change the circulation filter.

In the container car wash you will change the filter cartridge just like in the modular car wash. You will find it next to the circulation pump. Remember to use the supplied key to tighten the casing.

3. Check the operation of the system.

On the car wash controller, go to the Car Wash Temperature  and set the system activation value higher than the outside temperature. Go from bays to bays and check the correct functioning of the system. Then return to the initial settings on the car wash controller. The recommended starting temperature of the circulation system is +2 degrees Celsius. In the Monitor tab on the controller, you will check the status of the pump and the pressure switch.


Monitoring of alarms is essential. We have prepared a knowledge base for you, in which you will find descriptions of individual alarms depending on the type of problem. Only Polish version.

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