03 Oct 2019

Sweden is an example of excellent energy and waste management and the use of modern technologies in environmental protection.

Strict environmental law in Sweden, mobilizes local investors to look for environmentally friendly solutions. Also investors facing the choice of the manufacturer had to face this challenge. After careful analysis, they focused on innovative solutions from Poland!


BKF car washes in Sweden

The Washstop self-service car wash is the third car wash of our production in this part of Europe. The car wash has 3 comprehensively equipped washing stations that will serve the current needs of the inhabitants of the picturesque town of Rättvik.

The carwash is equipped with:

  • PayPass electronic payment readers
  • BE LOYAL application for mobile payments
  • Additional washing programs such as brush cleaning and active foam

With the environment in mind

This car wash is environmentally friendly due to, among others for a boiler that does not emit fumes. Also the chemistry used in the carwash meets the stringent requirements of ecological Sweden. A standard solution that is also used in car washes in Poland is the use of a separator that acts as a neutralizer for chemicals harmful to the environment.

The investor’s near plans also include the installation of solar batteries and a rainwater recovery system.

Cashless payments in Scandinavia

Cashless payments in Scandinavia are standard. It was there that they developed the most. It is said that cash turnover in these countries accounts for only a few percent of all financial operations. No wonder that the owners of car washes also opted for e-payments. This is another BKF car wash in Northern Europe, which only supports card and phone applications.


Car wash under own brand

An important element of the visual identity of a car wash in Sweden was the need to put the car wash under the customer’s own brand, i.e. in the so-called white label model. Washstop is a 100% investor idea. Just like the colors of a car wash, in which green is intertwined with white. The whole is one coherent message and we undoubtedly like it :).