12 Mar 2019

Qualified specialists from BKF CarWash, constantly supervises our products to be innovative and meet market demand.

In this publication you will learn about technological innovations in our offer:

  • Modern water flow measurement system
  • New functionalities of ACV condensing boilers
  • New functionalities of SmartView displays

Water flow measurement system – water meter:

We offer our clients an innovative water flow measurement system based on a special water meter with pulse transmitter. It is installed on the main pipe supplying water to the car wash. The pulse transmitter installed in the water meter sends an impulse to the carwash computer every 2.5 liters of water that flowed through it. Thanks to this, the computer knows how much water flows at a given moment, and the owner of a car wash can easily check the state of water consumption or catch any deviations from the norms.

Thanks to the water meter, the owner of a car wash has full information on water consumption. When the water consumption deviates from the expected level, an alarm is generated, which draws the service’s attention to the possibility of leaking at the car wash or malfunctioning device.

The benefits of having a water meter are visible immediately after installing it on a car wash. This innovative technology will show you any uncontrolled leaks that you had no idea about before and that could not be caught. Immediate information, when a failure occurs, can save many thousands of zlotys spent on unnecessary water consumption.


  • Efficient leak detection
  • Quick reporting of major failures
  • Reading the average water consumption (minute, hour, day)
  • All failures are reported in the controller alarm system and in Carwash Manager
  • E-mail notifications


New features of ACV condensing boilers:

Communication with ACV condensing boilers allows the boiler temperature to be measured and emergency procedures initiated (switching to cold water pre-spray chemistry, floor heating off, alarm triggering).

The owner of a car wash, whose car wash is connected to the Internet, has access to information about errors and reading of specific boiler error codes from the car wash controller.


  • Faster failure detection
  • No expensive boiler damage
  • Failure identification without service visit (remote repairs)


New features of SmartView displays:

We focused on a clear 4-line SmartView display that allows even better communication with the car wash customer. The display is an ideal place to publish information about promotions. Save on posters and additional banners – display messages on SmartView! From now on, customers using loyalty cards will be able to see their loyalty card number and current balance.


  • 4-line SmartView displays allow even better communication with the carwash customer
  • The display is an ideal place to publish information about promotions
  • A new feature is the ability to display car wash customers a loyalty card number (BKF Card)