01 Jul 2021

BKF car wash washer fluid distributor is an additional device, supplementing the offer of such businesses as: car washes, gas stations or vulcanization stations. 

Why it’s good to invest in a distributor?

Windshield washer fluid refilling station will help you to increase attractiveness of your business. You will benefit from additional profit from high margins on sold washer fluid and low energy costs. Placing a new machine right next to your car wash or other business will translate into increased customer receipt value.



Convenient online management

Distributor, like the other devices of this type of our production, can be connected to the Internet.

As an owner of BKF car wash, you will get the following information:

  • you will check how much fluid the distributor has sold and how much it has earned,
  • find out when the liquid should be refilled (an alarm is sent when the liquid drops below 10% of the tank volume),
  • you will receive an alarm about the failure of the device (in case of the pump failure).


On the distributor controller you will perform such actions as:

  • change the rate per liter of fluid,
  • change the settings of the fluid sold (summer/winter),
  • adding service credit,
  • full display diagnostics.

You will also soon see a collection report that will be emailed to you when your meters are cleared, and financial statistics in CM.

For units not connected to a BKF car wash, you will be given the ability to:

  • change the rate per liter of fluid,
  • change of settings of the sold liquid (summer/winter).


Standard equipment

The washer fluid dispenser has a weather-resistant stainless steel housing. It is important because this type of casing guarantees attractive appearance of the device for many years. 

An important element of the equipment is also a LCD display, which provides the customer with all the necessary information before, during and after pouring the fluid. It indicates the type of fluid (winter or summer), the price per liter, the current amount of fluid to be used and the lack of fluid.

The flow meter is responsible for the precision of filling the 220 liter tank. Thanks to the digital measurement of the fluid, the customer can see in real time the amount of fluid to be used.



Extended pump life

The hydraulic installation of the device has been prepared in such a way as to protect the pump against working in difficult conditions. The dedicated hydraulic system is equipped with a circulation system that prevents excessive pressure build-up, which relieves the pump and eliminates sudden fluid ejection from the gun. 


Minimum fluid level sensor

Another safety system is the minimum level sensor. If the fluid level is below the minimum level, the machine will automatically shut down, signaling this information on the display. Without this type of protection, the pump would be exposed to damage and possible early replacement.


Additional equipment

As an optional extra, it is possible to install all possible payment methods:

  • loyalty cards,
  • payment cards, 
  • banknotes,
  • BE LOYAL mobile application.