03 Jun 2022

We are opening a new market. Welcome Belgium!

Modernisation of a touchless car wash in Hannut

A lot of functionalities and attractive solutions pleasantly surprised our Investor. All thanks to solutions which, on the one hand, emphasise the convenience of car wash operation from the side of the facility manager. On the other hand, they ensure high standard of car washing and easy operation by the customer. The decision to choose our technology was unequivocal.

“We have been building positive experiences for our business partners and their customers for over 30 years. We want them to enjoy their business” – comments Piotr Andrzejewski Business Development Director.

Where did it all start? The investor owned a touchless car wash of a competitor, which had its best years behind it. Together with BKF’s dealer for this region of Europe, we proposed cooperation in the field of replacing the technology with a new one.

In order to reduce costs of the whole project, Investor kept chosen components from the old car wash, such as: boiler, high-pressure pumps, motors, water softening and reverse osmosis system.



Hannut, near Liège in Belgium

In the modernized car wash in Hannut, there were of course new, popular washing programmes such as active foam or washing with a brush. However, new washing programmes are not everything!

The biggest technological surprise which the Investor experienced was the contrast between the old and the new control system. Easy and quick access to the remote control panel and Carwash Manager with a lot of interesting functionalities, provided him with full comfort of work and safety of functioning of the car wash business.

Apart from the washing technology change, the washing stands were also refreshed and the control panels were replaced with new ones. These changes significantly influenced the feelings of customers using the car wash.


Further expansion

Our car washes are already present on 25 markets in Europe and Asia. In the coming years, we are planning to increase our share in selected locations and further expansion.