03 Feb 2020

The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to summarize what we were able to do last year. And there were quite a lot of technological novelties and events with the participation of BKF throughout 2019.

New markets Austria and UK

In 2019, we acquired 2 new markets, Austria and the UK, on which the first projects were implemented. Two different markets = two different but equally interesting projects.
Thus, we can say that we are present on 24 markets in Europe and Asia.

You can read more about new markets on our blog:


In terms of technological solutions, we spent the year 2019 optimizing existing solutions and creating new ones. When it comes to optimization, there were many of them, but the most important ones are definitely worth mentioning about the new functionalities of the ACV condensing boilers, in which we have increased the diagnostic capabilities of this device. 

When thinking about communication, it is definitely worth mentioning here also the changes made in SmartView displays, in which we have improved communication capabilities (display).
While designing new and optimizing existing solutions, we do everything to create products tailored to the needs of the market. Thanks to this approach, our solutions enjoy great popularity and recognition among our clients.

If you would like to know more about technological innovations, go to our blog.

New products

Among the new products that affect the current work of the car wash appeared include Flow Measurement System and BKF HydroControl. The first of these tasks is to protect the car wash against uncontrolled water leakage in the event of a breakdown and to access immediate readings of the average water consumption at the car wash. In turn, BKF HydroControl was created to ensure a constant pressure value in the car wash supply system. This device is developed and consists of several elements and software that has been created by specialists from BKF. 

In the second half of the year, we also successfully implemented a new line of Basic vacuum cleaners and a new range of cleaning chemicals. Both of them have already gained the recognition of customers.

If you want to know more about new products, please visit our blog:


We observe how the number of registered users of the BE LOYAL application increases every month. Increasingly, the owners of car washes decide to launch this payment method on their car wash. We are glad that the payment with the application is the third most frequently chosen method of payment at the car wash.
You can read more about BE LOYAL on the product page.

BKF fairs

Participation in industry fairs has always been an important event for us. We are happy to exhibit at events in Poland and abroad. In 2019, we had the opportunity to meet our clients in Birmingham, Warsaw, Münster and Hannover.

An important event for us was the participation at the national stand of the innovation fair “Home of Industrial Pioneers” in Germany, at which we had the opportunity to present our pioneering solution for monitoring machines and operators EBKF.  Thanks again to the Polish Investment and Trade Agency – PAIH for this distinction and invitation of our solution to the national stand.

Reports from individual fairs can be found on our company profile https://www.facebook.com/BKFpl/.

New websites

In spring 2019, we launched our new website bkfcarwash.eu. The website is fully responsive, i.e. adapted to be viewed on devices with different resolutions (tablet, smartphone, desktop).

The first stage of implementation covered a total of 3 language versions (English, Polish, German), which are available at the following links:

At the end of 2019, further language versions were implemented:

The new website is definitely one of the most important projects of last year.

New blog

To meet the expectations of customers, we have prepared a new, more condensed and readable version of the car wash blog. The blog is run by our Marketing Department, which keeps you up to date on technological innovations and ongoing projects in Poland and abroad. The blog is dedicated to both those who think about setting up a car wash business and those who run this business.
The articles are available under the link  bkfcarwash.eu/blog/.

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